Friday, July 15, 2011

Guest Posting and Other Thoughts...

Today, I had the privilege of guest posting over at Back to the Basics! Go over and give Julie and her blog some love! The post is all about my commuting with a toddler at the end of the school year! I have to tell you reading my own post, makes me laugh...I think that's a good sign?

A baby was born yesterday... one of my bestie's welcomed a sweet boy on her mama's birthday and Glenn and I's wedding anniversary. Coincidence? No way! I am just so happy for her family as they start the amazing journey of parenthood.

Another one of my dear friends is in crisis with her family. I don't want to say much more but know that our hearts are heavy with worry and sadness and we are praying her family comes through this.

I am 33 weeks and starting to freak. (I try to take deep breaths but it doesn't work.) We have so much crap to do. The good news is that my parents are home from Colorado so things will get done. Pretty pathetic it takes my mama to get my butt moving. I am 32.

Brady's cast is off. Still got a ways to go...we need to be patient with him and his leg. More on that later...

Happy Weekend! Started off with a trip to the Shedd today and family time tomorrow.

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  1. I love Julie's blog! Thanks for stopping by today ... you asked what we're planning to do in Chicago - we're going for hubs work, he has a meeting so we're tagging along and making a vacation out of it. Also have family there so good chance to see them ... and hoping for a blogger meet-up. I need to get that on my blog, see if I can arrange it. Now I know what to post! :)

    Yay for a new baby, sounds like he arrived on a very special day! Congrats to your friend.