Friday, January 27, 2012

Tidbits of Talk {Volume 3}

So, we have made it through another week. And this week started off so calm but yet we are here at the end of the week where papers have piled up, laundry needs to be done, and groceries need to be purchased.

~Cate was being weird to start the week. Or maybe just different...lord knows she is the polar opposite of Brady. She was pretty much on a hunger strike. Literally. The girl was drinking maybe 1 or 2 ounces at each feeding. She was happy for the most part but wouldn’t eat. This is not helping my chances of her sleeping through the night ever.

~I have fallen in love with our basement door. Weird right? But it has access to our garage, our garbage cans (not that I would know much about that) and all through a door off a room that is dirty. Where wet shoes don’t matter and it’s easy to walk right in.

~I went three days without caffeine. Three days specifically without Starbucks. Not sure how it happened but it did and I survived. All though, I don’t want to go through it again.

~ We are having pictures of our house taken to get in on the MLS. I have found more matchbox cars; trucks and band aids than I never knew existed. Crazy how much stuff kids accumulate! I see a purge session coming.

~ My husband’s calendar is killing me. I am trying to figure out how to convince him that an electronic calendar is for the best. He keeps a paper calendar people. It is killing me. I want to share a calendar with him. With two jobs, two kids, appointments, plans etc…we need to be able to see one other’s calendar. Sure I appreciate the phone calls, but it would be so much easier to just look online. How can I convince him google calendar and Outlook calendar are his friends?

~ Wedding and baby mania begin in our house this weekend. I am looking forward to celebrating a dear friend at her shower this weekend. It is at Biaggi’s which is one my favorites. I am realizing I forget how to dress for these things etc…

Happy Friday Friends!


  1. Oooh if my husband had an actual calendar then Gmail calendar would be great.

    Good luck with putting the house on the market! It's amazing how much stuff those kids have. I tried to purge a bit while Allie was sick. Could only be done when Ava wasn't around to dig through the trash or boxes.

    Don't worry, Cate and Allie can be bff. I doubt she'll ever sleep through the night. 8 months old and still eating every 3 hours.

  2. Brandon and I just started using google calendar and I can invite him to things from my iPhone. It is amazing. Changed our lives! :) Good luck putting your house on the market! I can't imagine how scary that must me. If someone saw our house right now with all the trucks, cars, and trains they would run away screaming.

    I am trying to curb my Starbucks habit. I can only get it in Blm but we go twice a week now! I started doing that Vemma drink and if I drink one in the morning, I don't crave caffeine later in the day. BUT yesterday as a treat, I got a Light frappacino... :)