Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Capture- Peace

We will become a family four tomorrow. Most people who read this are probably tired of reading about my fears, anxiety, sadness, excitement and my overall emotional state at this stage of my pregnancy. For every minute of each day that I spent thinking about how amazing it will be to welcome our daughter in to this world, I spent more minutes of the day feeling a guilt that rocks my core, brings tears to my eyes, crushes my heart and leaves me with thoughts that I don't think anyone could understand.

On Sunday, I didn't care where we were, I wanted to make sure my camera was around my neck capturing the last few moments of my first as an only. As I type this today, the tears flow as I look at these images on my screen. He is where I find peace. He is where I look when I need to be calmed. He is the best of me. He is the best of my husband.

Peaceful. He is so happy, so content, and so steady. His world will be rocked tomorrow and hopefully someday he will realize it was rocked for the better. Sunday was about him. It was about taking some deep breaths, watching him and finding peace in the little things he did that I witnessed as his mama.

Watching the bicyclists and waving

Mesmerized by the action in the West Loop

The slide at the park. His happy place.

I am linking up with Beth Fletcher an amazing Chicago area photographer to show you where I found peace this week. Hopefully, if we figure it out she will be shooting newborn pictures for us in the next two weeks.

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Side note: A lot of people ask me on twitter, in the comments and on Facebook about Brady's clothes so just as an FYI he is all Boden in these pictures. Love me some Boden but love the little guy more.

Au revoir as a mama to one. Bonjour to a mama of two.


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous. I think that Brady will surprise you and show you that his world was rocked for the better sooner rather than later.
    Hugs. Prayers. Good thoughts. And much,much love to you.

  2. That is awesome. And I think that Krista is right. I love this photo idea! I want to join in!

  3. Your posts need to come with a warning that they may be tear inducing to fellow pregnant mamas waiting on #2. Best of luck tomorrow as you welcome that baby girl!

  4. Already thinking of you as you welcome your precious daughter tomorrow. Know that you are not alone in your fears, as I could have written this EXACT post. :)

  5. Congratulations!!! I'm sure he will realize he is very blessed! :-)